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Celebrating all that makes us proud to be Armenian, while fostering a spirit of unity and strength for Armenians everywhere.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and celebrate the beauty and richness of Armenian culture, while also raising awareness about the challenges facing Armenia and its diaspora communities.

As a community-driven platform, we strive to facilitate connections and collaborations among Armenians around the world, and to support initiatives that benefit the Armenian people and their homeland.

Our ultimate objective is to assist in the creation of a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow for Armenia, and to foster a global community that values and celebrates the Armenian identity.

Our goal

Bringing people together through our shared love of this amazing country and our great people.
Because Armenia is a platform for Armenians worldwide to come together and celebrate our shared heritage. We strive to foster unity and pride among Armenians everywhere. Follow Because Armenia to join our community and celebrate all that makes us proud to be Armenian. 🇦🇲❤️

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Armenians supporting Armenia

If you’re interested in supporting our cause and making a positive impact in the Armenian community.

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